Arek Nowicki
By contrast and layers I am showing pots from different
perspectives. I would like to bring them to life. Crystalline glazes
contribute to this effect because they show the same kind of captured
movement as photographs. Because crystalline glazes are very "runny"
in the top temperature it needs to be caught, cooled rapidly, then
soaked to encourage the unpredictable growth of the crystals.

The glazes are so new, unusual, surprising and yet unexplored that
many potters working with them apply them to straight, smooth,
simple porcelain shapes to best show off the beautiful crystals
of various shapes and colours. I decided to take a different route,
to use crystalline glazes contrasted with conventional high-temperature
glaze and with different textures. Personally I use them to enhance my art, whereas others view crystalline glazes as an independant art form. To me a jug is not just static, it is always alive. I want to challenge people's preconceived ideas about what a jug, a pot, a vase is.