Arek Nowicki
Arek Nowicki is an emerging ceramic artist on British art scene, currently living in Bournemouth, England. He has been able to gain recognition from a few local Galleries. He is originally from Poland and was in the process of developing his career as a craft potter, having undertaken his first apprenticeship in 1998. Five years later he established a pottery studio were he produced customised tableware and ornaments for private clients and restaurants. 
He made the decision in 2010 to move to England, where he had to start again from scratch. He worked hard and saved for a number of years, collecting necessary materials, developing new contacts and familiarising himself with new clays and glazes that were now available to him. In 2015 he has once again been officially working as a self-employed Ceramic artist. 

His artwork can be found now in local galleries, where Arek is organising current exhibitions.

His passion, enthusiasm and attention to detail is a source to the creation of beautiful and unique works and seemingly endless flow of ideas.

    Curriculum Vitae

- 2012.06                   Bournemouth&PooleColage, Join exibition ,

- 2015 30.01-12.2     Hatch Gallery "Ladies in the Crystal Garden" solo exhibition

- 2015 05.08-31.08   Bournemouth International Centre "The Shards Art Exibition", mixed media

- 2016 20.05-26.05   Hayloft Gallery "A life in Clay", solo exhibition

​​- 2016 20.08-29.08   Artsway, "Coastal Gallery Open at Atrsway", group exhibition, mixed media

- 2016 10.08-31.08   Bournemouth International Centre "The Shards Art Exhibition", mixed media

- 2017 30.05-14.06   L'Artishe Gallery "Dissection", solo exhibition

- 2017 19.08-28.08  Artsway "Coastal Gallery at Artsway", group exhibition, mixed media

- 2017 18.08-20.08  "Art in Clay" Hatfield

- 2017 18.11-19.11  "Art in Clay" Farham

- 2018  17.08-19.08 "Art in Clay" Hatfield